How Do I Choose Between SaaS & On-Premise?

The first step to answering this question is to determine the complexity of your business.

I ideally recommend SaaS to small to medium businesses with fairly straight forward business processes that are looking to reduce upfront expenses. Why? SaaS solutions are cost-effective, but they are still working their way toward handling the complex requirements of large enterprise businesses. just like freKart

If there is one area that SaaS is still working to make up ground in terms of offerings, it’s delivering the same level of robust functionality that you find in on-premise systems. The working is still because many corporates and large enterprise are still unable to decide or take a role in taking decision ahead. Due to one of the many bottlenecks. Data.
Data on the SaaS is available with the software vendor where large enterprise may not wish to share their data with any third party. But there are way to tackle such concern. This is a business decision one need to make and take.

But SaaS is closing the functionality gap, there remains a rather large gulf between the two.

So, it really comes down to understanding what are your organization’s needs and which solution can best help you address those in the near term and over time.