Can I Customize SaaS Software?

When SaaS applications first emerged, customization was very limited. Everyone got the same solution and had to adapt their business processes to the software they received.

Today, it’s becoming much easier and more common to customize your SaaS systems. And, in fact, there are now armies of consultants that specialize in tweaking SaaS applications to fit your business processes for a cost.

However freKart, on the other hand, assist you in doing the same, where many of the custom features are prebuild in freKart and it only need a correct configuration to suit your needs.

Subscriber/Buyers can customize the UI to change the look and feel of the program, as well as modify specific areas,
such as Product Loader,

freKart comes with favours of grid loaders.
1. Lazy loader
2. Ajax loader with or without paging
3. Quick View
4. Regular style loader with paging

and it helps to alter what data appears.

Several, business process features can also be turned off and on at will. like, Add to carts.
freKart comes with multiple favours when it comes to adding a product to the cart

1. Add to carts with inventory checker

2. Add to carts with direct checkout

3. Add to carts with Color, Size option

4. Add to carts with Custom Forms
ie. Tailors/ Fashion Designers can now accept Sticking details from customers.
Customise PC and Servers
Customise T-Shirt, Phone Case, Visiting Cards and lots more.

3. Add to carts with option to sell more
ie. Selling Pizza,
would one like to have extra toppings?
Plus one or more Soft drink
Plus fries and some extra cheese.

How about giving all this at Add to cart, it’s possible with freKart.

However, The believe is the ability to tailor SaaS software still isn’t what it is for on-premise solutions. We totally disagree, freKart have matured with the Saas framework, to make this a reality

Conclusion, Customisation is possible on SaaS with freKart and such changes can also be isolated for you alone.