help you reach customers by emailing product directly to there emails help you reach customers by emailing product directly to their emails. is a really powerful and easy-to-use email marketing platform that helped our brand generate over 32% more sales

Its helps eCommerce companies to email customers periodic

  1. Incentivize customers to review the product
  2. Use A/B Testing To Optimize Open & Click-Through Rates
  3. Reward Your Most Loyal Customers
  4. Reactivate Your Dormant Customers
  5. Be Prepared For Product Seasonality & Retail Holidays With a Newsletter Calendar
  6. Surprise Customers With Free Store Credit
  7. Make Your Transactional Emails Count
  8. Setup Milestone Campaigns For Birthdays & Anniversaries
  9. Take Your Email Marketing Beyond The Inbox



  • What all does does for you.
  • List Management
  • Bounce Management
  • Whitelisting Email ids – saving on each step
  • Blacklisting Email ids – saving you cost while sending emails
  • Spam protections
  • Spam-Cop protections
  • Emails in Inbox
  • Filter Management
  • Backup Management
  • Lowest Email cost 0.45 Paise each email with all the above service its a steal.


You sell products on your web store with freKart and we ship the products directly to your customers from our wholesale dropship warehouse in China

Is this really possible, yes it is a reality.

You can now focus on selling without worrying about the quality, stock, packing, and fulfillment.

What is required to start my own Dropshipping Business?

  • You can start your business with one of the plans on freKart.
  • And establish a website.
  • You can ‘Get the Inventory for your online shop with a huge range of products, effortlessly from the below websites and their vendors by contacting them.
  • All the item descriptions and pictures, you can just copy from,,,
  • You don’t have to buy products in bulk – just order after you get paid by your customers instead.
  • You can list items for sale.
  • If any items aren’t selling, you didn’t lose anything.
  • With this, you can test your market risk-free
  • No warehouse costs and no risk of ‘dead’ stock
  • No need to worry about packing and shipping, packing materials, shipping labels, paying couriers for delivery
  • You can sell to customers anywhere in the world
  • You set your own prices and profit every time you sell something!
  • You can also place these inventories on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and anywhere you can sell to interested buyers
  • The Only concern is, return of goods incase of damage. So while doing so always accept inventory of vendors with good rating and track history.

Can I Customize SaaS Software?

When SaaS applications first emerged, customization was very limited. Everyone got the same solution and had to adapt their business processes to the software they received.

Today, it’s becoming much easier and more common to customize your SaaS systems. And, in fact, there are now armies of consultants that specialize in tweaking SaaS applications to fit your business processes for a cost.

However freKart, on the other hand, assist you in doing the same, where many of the custom features are prebuild in freKart and it only need a correct configuration to suit your needs.

Subscriber/Buyers can customize the UI to change the look and feel of the program, as well as modify specific areas,
such as Product Loader,

freKart comes with favours of grid loaders.
1. Lazy loader
2. Ajax loader with or without paging
3. Quick View
4. Regular style loader with paging

and it helps to alter what data appears.

Several, business process features can also be turned off and on at will. like, Add to carts.
freKart comes with multiple favours when it comes to adding a product to the cart

1. Add to carts with inventory checker

2. Add to carts with direct checkout

3. Add to carts with Color, Size option

4. Add to carts with Custom Forms
ie. Tailors/ Fashion Designers can now accept Sticking details from customers.
Customise PC and Servers
Customise T-Shirt, Phone Case, Visiting Cards and lots more.

3. Add to carts with option to sell more
ie. Selling Pizza,
would one like to have extra toppings?
Plus one or more Soft drink
Plus fries and some extra cheese.

How about giving all this at Add to cart, it’s possible with freKart.

However, The believe is the ability to tailor SaaS software still isn’t what it is for on-premise solutions. We totally disagree, freKart have matured with the Saas framework, to make this a reality

Conclusion, Customisation is possible on SaaS with freKart and such changes can also be isolated for you alone.

How Do I Choose Between SaaS & On-Premise?

The first step to answering this question is to determine the complexity of your business.

I ideally recommend SaaS to small to medium businesses with fairly straight forward business processes that are looking to reduce upfront expenses. Why? SaaS solutions are cost-effective, but they are still working their way toward handling the complex requirements of large enterprise businesses. just like freKart

If there is one area that SaaS is still working to make up ground in terms of offerings, it’s delivering the same level of robust functionality that you find in on-premise systems. The working is still because many corporates and large enterprise are still unable to decide or take a role in taking decision ahead. Due to one of the many bottlenecks. Data.
Data on the SaaS is available with the software vendor where large enterprise may not wish to share their data with any third party. But there are way to tackle such concern. This is a business decision one need to make and take.

But SaaS is closing the functionality gap, there remains a rather large gulf between the two.

So, it really comes down to understanding what are your organization’s needs and which solution can best help you address those in the near term and over time.

What Is SaaS eCommerce Platform? freKart

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. This is a web model of business where software vendors maintain and host the website or services on a Cloud servers including databases and code which constitute an application.

This is a web model of business where software vendors maintain and host the website or services on a Cloud servers including databases and code which constitute an application.

This is a significant departure from the on-premise software delivery model.


1. Startup’s or companies don’t have to invest in expensive hardware to host the software, and this in turn, allows buyers to outsource most of the IT responsibilities typically required to troubleshoot and maintain the software.

2. Backup are taking by the Saas vendor.

3. Security is also taken care by the same vendor.

4. Technical Support is also provided if any assistants are needed.

5. The SaaS vendor takes care of all the issues.
In addition to allowing remote access via the web to the software applications and data,
SaaS also differs from on-premise software in it’s pricing model.

On-premise software is typically purchased through a perpetual license, which means buyers own a license to the software. They also pay 15% to 20% per year in maintenance and support fees. Plus also bears the Infrastructure cost.

SaaS, on the other hand, allows buyers to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee, which typically includes the software license, support, and most other fees. A major benefit of SaaS is being able to spread out costs over time.

freKart is one of such software product which helps the customer to build and sell online.