A freKart Customer Interviewed by http://indianonlineseller.com/ [Seller Interview] Making online jewellery brand Kriaa & scaling up to 50,000+ orders per month – Ritesh’s ecommerce journey

A freKart Customer Interviewed by http://indianonlineseller.com/

[Seller Interview] Making online jewellery brand Kriaa & scaling up to 50,000+ orders per month – Ritesh’s ecommerce journey




From manufacturing to wholesaling to exporting to retailing, Tip Top Group seems to have explored 360 degree of the imitation jewellery market. How calculated was the move to ecommerce? Or was it a natural next step? Let’s ask Ritesh N. Barbhaya, the 37-year old founder of Mumbai-based online brand Kriaa.

tip top1

Why did you choose ecommerce?

Since we were already established in the retail sector, we got a lot of enquiries from various sellers and marketplaces to sell on ecommerce platforms. So it was very natural for us to dive in.

Since retail MRP and ecommerce selling price points vary, we launched a purely ecommerce brand ‘Kriaa’ to differentiate, in 2012.

We started selling on eBay and rediff with low ticket imitation jewellery. The initial lines were the same retail SIS line products that were already being sourced for retailing.

How easy or difficult was it to start off?

Logistics and in-transit product damages were the main challenges when we started out, resulting in customer grievances. We had a few instances of our eBay account being suspended for negative ratings. This taught us a lot in better packaging options that are currently being employed.

Retail journey – Quick look

tip top2

So it was a wise move?

Yes, because in 6 months time, before the festival season of Diwali, we got a lot of marketplaces scouting us to join them and offer virtual inventory to them for drop shipments, that gave us confidence that we were on the right track of growth. We are now selling through most of the major marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues, HomeShop18, Naaptol, ShopCJ, Rediff, AskmeBazaar, Craftvilla, etc.

So far, our best experience has been with ShopClues where the merchandising team worked very passionately with us and we have been able to execute over 50k+ orders in 2015 so far.

  • Over Rs 2 crore revenue per month
  • 1000+ orders in ecommerce + 800+ orders in TV home shopping per day
  • 50000+ orders per month

We want to grow to over 100k+ orders this Diwali season onwards.

How do you manage inventory?

Since shipping time is very critical, usually between 24-48 hours, the entire inventory is stocked, QC done and kept ready for dispatch. We currently have over 3000 designs in stock with quantity per SKU ranging from 10 – 1000 per style/colour.

Our own website www.kriaa.in went live in August’2015 and we currently have about 3k+ products live on it.

What challenges do you foresee in running your own online store?

The biggest challenge would be advertising and marketing.

With the kind of money that the bigger players have with them to burn, we would not be a killer force against them. We will have to device specific and niche plans to gather a loyal customer base.

We want to focus on consumer experience wherein we can facilitate styles getting created as per their choices. We want to allow customers to dictate the manufacturing of products from a pool of possible choices, eventually getting to a completely customized solution made according to international standards but economic and of value.

So it’s going to be just your store in time?

Both the verticals will continue to co-exist. Marketplaces will have more curated product lines as per their customer bases while our web store will have everything that we want to showcase to the world.

Have you had to use any marketing channels?

We use facebook and sms marketing but it’s too early to assess their effect. Also, we have partnered with some of our customers who do exhibitions or have their own outlets. We offer high sales commissions and accept unsold stock once the event is over. We find that this sales vertical is an untapped opportunity as we get 5-10 new customers per week that can be scaled to over 100 a week. It helps to push our website when they want to restock old designs and add new ones to their portfolio.

Any particular instances that you consider as turning points in your ecommerce business?

The biggest leap happened in August 2014 when we launched our first celebrity line of affordable jewellery under our brand name of Mithya by Mahima Chaudhry exclusively for Snapdeal. It was a great success; we were able to sell over 7000+ orders in 25 designs in total. No other company had ever done that in the imitation jewellery segment.

We were directly catapulted in the big league where the heads of categories were getting in touch with us to get exclusive rights for future collections and giving us home page space to showcase our product lines which traditionally never happened in imitation jewellery.

This category suddenly came into the spotlight for many marketplaces. After that we did more celebrity-endorsed collections with Gauhar Khan exclusively with Snapdeal. We have another collection ready for release now, shot with Mahima Chaudhry.

What aspect of your product or business requires most attention from you?

Unarguably, the quality! We have always believed in providing the best international quality products at economical prices for customers. We have invested heavily in Lead free (Zinc alloy based), lightweight, non-allergic materials for our entire product line, with selling price ranging from Rs 49-1999. The key is in building customer loyalty to our brand with great designs at affordable pricing.

Ritesh feels they have reached a stage where there is no benchmark as such except the ones they set and reset for themselves. He advises the budding online sellers to keep learning from mistakes and pushing towards goals. Considering the success his family and he has had, we are inclined to heed his advice, and maybe so should you.


Source : http://indianonlineseller.com/2015/09/seller-interview-making-online-jewellery-brand-kriaa-scaling-up-to-50000-orders-per-month-riteshs-ecommerce-journey/?utm_source=IOS+subscribers&utm_campaign=7fadbc46f8-Seller_Survey8_8_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_906ecc1167-7fadbc46f8-61272057

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Startups – List of Venture Capital Firms In India to Invest in Startups

HELION VENTURE PARTNERS helion venture partners

Investing in technology-powered and consumer service businesses, Helion Ventures Partners is a $605 Mn Indian-focused, an early to mid-stage venture fund participating in future rounds of financing in syndication with other venture partners.

People You Should Know: Sandeep Fakun, Kanwaljit Singh.

Investment Structure: Invests between $2 Mn to $10 Mn in each company with less than $10 Mn in revenues.

Industries: Outsourcing, Mobile, Internet, Retail Services, Healthcare, Education and Financial Services.

Startups Funded: Yepme, MakemyTrip, NetAmbit, Komli, TAXI For Sure, PubMatic.

Contact Details: 8040183333, 01244615333, Email

ACCEL PARTNERS accel partners

Accel Partners founded in 1983 has global presence in Palo Alto, London , New York, China and India. Typical multi-stage investments in internet technology companies are made by Accel partners.

People You Should Know: Subrata Mitra, Prashanth Prakash and Mahendran Balachandran

Investment Structure: Invests between $0.5 Mn and $50 Mn in its portfolio companies.

Industries: Internet and Consumer Services, Infrastructure, Cloud -Enabled Services, Mobile and Software.

Startups Funded: Flipkart, BabyOye, Freshdesk, Book My Show, Zansaar, Probe, Myntra,CommonFloor.

Contact Details: 8041232551, 8043539800, Email

BLUME VENTURES blume ventures

Venture capital firm, Blume Venture Advisor funds early-stage seed, startups, pre-series A, series B and late stage investments. Blume backs startups with both funding as well as active mentoring and support.

People You Should Know: Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath.

Investment Structure: Provides seed funding investments between $0.05 Mn – $0.3 Mn in seed stage. Also, provides follow-on investments to portfolio companies ranging from $.5Mn to $1.5Mn.

Industries: Mobile Applications, Telecommunications Equipment, Data Infrastructure, Internet and Software Sectors, Consumer Internet, Media, Research and Development

Startups Funded: Carbon Clean Solutions, EKI Communications, Audio Compass, Exotel,Printo.

Contact: Twitter


Sequoia Capital India specializes in investments in startup seed, early, mid, late, expansion, public and growth stage companies.

People You Should Know: Shailesh Lakhani and Shailendra Singh.

Investment Structure: SCI invests between $100,000 and $1 Mn in seed stage, between $1 Mn and $10 Mn in early stage and between $10 Mn and $100 Mn in growth stage companies.

Industries: Consumer, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Outsourcing, Technology.

Startups Funded: JustDial, Knowlarity, Practo, iYogi, bankbazaar.com

Contact: 8041245880, 2240747272, 01149567200

NEXUS VENTURE PARTNERS nexus venture partners

Nexus Venture Partners is a venture capital firm investing in early stage and growth stage startups across sectors in India and US.

People You Should Know: Suvir Sujan and Anup Gupta

Investment Structure: Invests between $0.5 Mn and $10 Mn in early growth stage companies. Also, makes investments upto $0.5 Mn in their seed program.

Industries: Mobile, Data Security, Big Data analytics, Infrastructure, Cloud, Storage, Internet, Rural Sector, Outsourced Services, Agribusiness, Energy, Media, Consumer and Business services, Technology.

Startups Funded: Snapdeal, Housing, Komli, ScaleArc, PubMatic, Delhivery.

Contact: 8049456600, 2266260000, Email


With the sole goal of making new entrepreneurs successful, Inventus is a venture capital fund managed by entrepreneurs and industry-operating veterans.

People You Should Know: Samir Kumar and Kanwal Rekhi

Investment Structure: The firm does not invest in capital intensive companies. It typically leads the first venture round with $1 Mn to $2 Mn and as the businesses grow, it invests from $0.25 Mn up to $10 Mn.

Industries: Consumer, Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure, Media, Internet and Catalog Retail, Healthcare, Information Technology, Hardware and Equipment, Telecommunications etc.

Startups Funded: Poshmark, Savaari, Farfaria, Policy Bazaar.com, Insta Health Solutions,CBazaar.

Contact: +91 80 4125 6747, Email

IDG VENTURES idg venture

Having a global network of technology venture funds with more than $4 billion, IDG Ventures India is a leading India-focused technology venture capital fund specializing in startups, early stage, growth stage and expansion stage companies.

People You Should Know: Manik Arora and Sudhir Sethi

Investment Structure: Invests in India-based companies and also in companies outside India. The firm invests between $1 Mn and $10 Mn.

Industries: Digital Consumer – Internet, Mobile, Media and Technology Enabled Consumer Services, Enterprise Software – SaaS, Software Products and Enterprise services, Engineering – Medical Devices, Clean-tech and IP-led Businesses

Startups Funded: UNBXD, Yatra.com, Myntra.com. FirstCry, Zivame, iProf,  Ozone Media.

Contact: +91 80 4043 4836, +91 11 3019 4145, Email

FIDELITY GROWTH PARTNERS fidelity growth partners

Fidelity Growth Partners India is the private equity arm of Fidelity International Limited focused on investing in India. Since 2008, FGPI has made several investments across sectors including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Consumer and Manufacturing.

People You should Know: Abhinav Sinha, Harsh Jhaveri

Investment Structure: Typically, FGPI invests between $10 Mn and $50 Mn for a minority stake in the company

Industries: Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Consumer and Manufacturing

Startups Funded: Netmagic, Yebhi

Contact: Email

NASPERS naspers

Naspers is a leading multinational media group, incorporated in 1915 as a public limited liability company and was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in September 1994. The group’s principal operations are in internet platforms (focusing on commerce, communities, content, communication and games), pay-television and the provision of related technologies and print media (including publishing, distribution and printing). The group’s most significant operations are located in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa, China, Central and Eastern Europe, India, Brazil, Russia, Thailand and the Netherlands.

People You should Know: N/A

Investment Structure: N/A

Industries: Ecommerce, Print Media, Pay Television

Startups Funded: OLX, Flipkart

Contact: Twitter

STEADVIEW CAPITAL steadview capital

Steadview is a leading alternative asset manager based in Hong Kong. The firm makes concentrated long-term investments across multiple industries

People You should Know: Ravi Mehta

Investment Structure: Early Stage Venture and Later Stage Venture Investments Industries: Ecommerce

Startups Funded: Olacabs, Flipkart, Saavn, Urban Ladder

Contact: Website

JUNGLE VENTURES jungle ventures

Jungle Ventures is a Singapore based, entrepreneur backed venture firm that funds and helps startups scale across Asia Pacific. It invests in global startups that are solving problems relevant to Asia Pacific markets. It currently has investments in US, Singapore, India, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

People You should Know: Amit Anand, Subrata Mitra

Investment Structure: Venture Capital that does Seed and Early Stage Venture Investments

Industries: Ecommerce, Digital Media, Saas, Fintech, Big Data, Analytics, Enterprise

Startups Funded: Zipdial, Ekstop, Pokkt, Milaap

Contact: Email

ZODIUS CAPITAL zodius capital

Operational since 2011, Zodius typically develops one company every six months and works intensively with its portfolio company teams to “speed up” and “shape up” for exceptional growth and profitability.

People You should Know: Neeraj Bhargava, Gautam Patel

Investment Structure: N/A

Industries: Big Data and Analytics, Digital Media and Commerce, Education

Startups Funded: BigBasket, Culture Machine

Contact: Email

QUALCOMM VENTURES qualcomm ventures

Qualcomm Ventures is the investment arm of Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM), a Fortune 500 company with operations across the globe.

People You should Know: Karthee Madasamy

Investment Structure: N/A

Industries: Business Software, Cloud/Enterprise, Consumer Software, Hardware, Health Care, Infrastructure, Semi/Components

Startups Funded: Appsdaily, Capillary, Deck, Portea, Housing

Contact: Website

WARBURG PINCUS warburg pincus

Warburg Pincus is a leading global private equity firm focused on growth investing. The firm has more than $37 Bn in assets under management. Its active portfolio of more than 120 companies is highly diversified by stage, sector and geography.

People You should Know: Hari Ravichandran

Investment Structure: It emphasizes growth investing and has successfully built companies at all stages, from conceiving and creating venture capital opportunities, to providing capital to meet the needs of existing businesses, to investing in later-stage buyout transactions and special situations with unique characteristics.

Industries: Consumer, Industrial and Services, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Tech, Media, Telecommunications

Startups Funded: Lemon Tree, Biba, Quikr

Contact: +91 22 66451234

CANAAN PARTNERS canaan partners

Global venture capital firm investing in people with visionary ideas, Canaan Partners specializes in all stages of development, seed financings, start-ups, growth and early stage investments, typically Series A and B financings.

People You Should Know: Wende Hutton

Investment Structure: The firm typically invests between $0.05 Mn to $80 Mn in its portfolio company. It prefers to exit its investments within 7 to 10 years.

Industries: Technology- Advertising & Marketing, Big Data/Cloud, Consumer, Enterprise/SaaS, FinTech, Hardware, Healthcare – Biopharma, digital Health & MedTech.

Startups Funded: Naaptol, Bharat Matrimony, iYogi, Happiest minds, mCARBON,CarTrade, Surewaves.

Contact: +91 124 4301841, Email

SAIF PARTNERS saif partners

Investing in India since 2001, SAIF Partners specializes in private equity and venture capital across Asia.

People You Should Know: Mukul Arora & Mukul Singhal

Investment Structure: Invests between $10 Mn and $100 Mn in one or more rounds of financing with investments between $200,000 to $500,000 in early stage companies and between $30 Mn and $35 Mn in more mature unlisted ventures.

Industries: IT, ITes, Industrials, Financial Services, Internet, Consumer Product, Mobile

Startups Funded: Justdial.com, Paytm, Network18, HomeShop18, Book My Show.

Contact: +91 124 496 5500, Email


Ascent Capital, an India-focused independent private equity firm, is among the most experienced teams on ground with over 150+ years of collective experience in Indian capital markets.

People You Should Know: Raja Kumar

Investment Structure: The firm makes investments ranging from $10 Mn to $30 Mn.

Industries:Technology, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Brands, Infrastructure

Startups Funded: Bigbasket.com, KIMS

Contact: +91 80 3055 1230, +91 80 3055 1231, Email


Specialised in global emerging markets, the Group prefers to invest in technology focused companies in countries like Latam, Spain and India.

People You Should Know: Francisco Velázquez de Cuéllar

Investment Structure:  Invests from 100,000K to $25 Mn in growth phases, from seed capital to international expansion.

Industries: Games, Software, Security, Biotechnology, Telecommunications

Startups Funded: iYogi, ByHours.com, Hot Hotels.

Contact: Email


Bain Capital professionals in aggregate is the largest investor in every fund raised. Bain Capital, along with management teams, provides the strategic and analytic resources needed to build and grow great companies.

People You Should Know: Samonnoi Banerjee

Investment Structure: Invests between $5 Mn and $1 Bn in companies in wide range of Industries.

Industries: Consumer, Retail and Dining, Financial and business Services, Healthcare, Industrial and Energy, Technology, Media and Telecom.

Startups Funded: ASIMCO, BMC Software, Biglobe, Atento, BPL

Contact: +91-2267528000

BASIL PARTNERS basil partners

It’s a Venture Capital fund involved in Early Stage Venture Investments focusing on investing in India besides investing in North America, Europe and Asian Countries.

People You Should Know: Ramanan Raghavendran and Rajeev Srivastava.

Investment Structure: Investment is done in the range between $1 million and $ 5 million with minimum revenue of $5 million.

Industries: IT

Startups Funded: Endeavour Software Technologies, Karmic LifeSciences

Contact: www.basilpartners.com

BATTERY VENTURES battery ventures

Battery Ventures is based in Boston, Silicon Valley and invests in technology driven companies. With over 30 years of experience, this VC fund has deep pockets.

People You Should Know: Neeraj Agrawal

Investment Structure: They invest in all stages of a company’s life, are flexible in the amount of investment, and are creative when it comes to syndicating, finding alternate sources of money, and designing financing to best match businesses.

Industries: e-Commerce and Retail Digital Media, Industrial Technologies, Infrastructure, Software and Services.

Startups Funded: HackerRank, AppDynamics

Contact: Twitter


With great experience in investing, this 1911 founded company operates on a global scale with offices located in Israel, India and both coasts in the US.

People You Should Know: Raghav Bahl, Aakash Goel

Investment Structure: They invest in the range of $75,000 to $66 Mn.

Industries: Cyber Security, Financial Services, Mobile, Cleantech Cloud Computing

Startups Funded: Snapdeal, OnMobile

Contact: +91-80-3082-9000, Email


Founded in 2010 is a private investment office headquartered in Bangalore, India and London, UK. It’s a INR 600 Cr. multi-stage, multi-sector fund.

People You Should Know: N R Narayana Murthy.

Investment Structure: N/A

Industries: Venture Capital & Private Equity

Startup Funded: Yebhi

Contact: Website


The company’s vision and mission is to be a unique, ethical private equity fund management model in India that provides investors with a best-in-class private equity model.

People You Should Know: Samir Inamdar

Investment Structure: Forum Synergies invests between between $2 – $10 Mn in firms with revenues between $3 – $50 Mn.

Industries: Healthcare, Automotive, Electronic Hardware, Electrical Equipment, Chemical Engineering, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, IT

Startups Funded: Zomato, Ola, Quikr, TaxiForSure, Commonfloor, Freecharge, Housing.

Contact: +91 80 4000 6400, Email


Founded in 2000, Fulcrum is a private equity investor which focuses on the SME business opportunities.They prefer to invest in like-minded entrepreneurs with solid principles and objectives.

People You Should Know: Krishna Ramanathan, Ethan Khatri, Mahesh Shankaranarayanan

Investment Structure:The firm seeks to invest between INR 5 crores – INR 15 crores.

Industries: Education, Financial Services, FMCG, Healthcare, Niche Retail

Startups Funded: Shield Healthcare Private Limited , SwaaS Systems, Congruent Solutions Pvt Ltd

Contact: +91 22 6712 8484, +91 22 6712 8484

GENERAL ATLANTIC LLC general atlantic

980, is a leading global growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growing companies. It does Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture and Private Equity Investments.

People You Should Know: Sandeep Naik.

Investment Structure: Invests between $75 Mn and $400 Mn.

Industries: ECommerce, Software, Fashion, Cloud Computing, Curated Web

Startups Funded: Vox Media, Klarna, Citiustech, Squarespace.

Contact: Twitter

INDIA QUOTIENT india quotent

Launched in 2012, India Quotient is an early stage fund with a corpus of INR 30 Cr.

People You Should Know: Madhukar Sinha, Anand Lunia

Investment Structure: Venture Capital fund that does Seed Investments between 100k – 500k.

Industries: Education, Food and Travel, Mobile, Fashion, Lifestyle, Consumer Finance

Startups Funded: Grabhouse, FRSH, Roposo, Prettysecrets, DogSpot

Contact: Email

INTEL CAPITAL intel capital

The firm focuses on mergers, acquisitions, and equity investments related to tech startups. Till date, it has invested $10.7 Bn in over 1,250 companies in 52 countries.

People You Should Know: Pradeep Tagare, Bhavanipratap Rana, Amit Behl, Sudheer K Kuppam.

Investment Structure: Invest between $300 Mn and $500 Mn per year.

Industries: Internet-Digital Media, Manufacturing-Labs, Security, Smart Phones-Tablets, software and Services, Ultrabook-Perceptual Computing, Wearables

Startups Funded: Gigya, Hungama, Snapdeal

Contact: Website


Guided by an entrepreneur-centric investment approach, IvyCap focuses on high-quality professional entrepreneurs from premier education institutions of the country.

People You Should Know: Norbert Fernandes

Investment Structure: The Firm does Early Stage Venture Investments and invests between $0.3 Mn and $7 Mn.

Industries: Healthcare, Education, Technology, Commerce.

Startups Funded: Aujas Networks, Leixir, eShakti.com, Vinculum Solutions, FieldEZ

Contact: +91-22-67000567

KAE CAPITAL kae capital

Kae Capital invests in those companies which bring  out innovative solutions for existing gaps in the markets.They believe in identifying and building large companies even from a concept.

People You Should Know: Navin Honagudi, Shashank Hirawat, Sasha Mirchandani, Nisa Mohamedi.

Investment Structure: Investment is made between $0.05 – $2.5 Mn and typically they invest between $0.2 – $1 Mn in the first round.

Industries: Mobile, Ecommerce, Education, Healthcare, Consumer, Internet

Startups Funded: SysCloud, ShepHertz, FortunePlay, Nuiku, Shopsense, Airwoot.

Contact: Email

KALAARI CAPITAL kalaari capital

With a strong advisory team in Bangalore, Kalaari is a $160 Mn venture capital fund investing in early-stage technology-oriented companies in India. They seek companies that are capable of capturing new markets, providing innovative solutions and creating new wealth for India and beyond.

People You Should Know: Vani Kola, Sampath Kumar P., Rajesh Raju

Investment Structure:The firm invests $1Mn to $5Mn in technology savvy companies and technology-enabled services for India and the global markets.

Industries: ECommerce, Internet, Curated Web, cleantech.

Startups Funded: Mettl, UrbanLadder, Snapdeal, Zivame

Contact: Email, 080 67159600


India based Lightbox Management Ltd with an investment horizon of seven to eight years is a new $100 Mn tech fund focussed on early stage consumer technology businesses.

People You Should Know: Sandeep Murthy, Siddharth Talwar

Investment Structure: Invests between $3 Mn and $5 Mn in the consumer technology space with a focus on education technology.

Industries: Data & Analytics, Brand & Design, Product & Marketing, Culture & Company Building.

Startups Funded: Embibe, Cleartrip, GreenDust

Contact: Email


Founded in 2000, Lightspeed Venture Partners investment company engages in consumer, enterprise, technology, and cleantech markets.

People You Should Know: Bejul Somaia, Dev Khare, Anshoo Sharma, Maninder Gulati.

Investment Structure: $1 to $25 Mn

Industries: Enterprise Software, Software, Mobile

Startups Funded: Eyeview, SimplyTapp, Luxe Valet, Vee, Blockchain, FiveStars, Gainsight.

Contact: +91 (11) 4980 0800, Email


Gurgaon based Lok Capital initiative launched at the end of 2000 with support of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation specializes in bottom-of-pyramid customer segment investments.

People You Should Know: Rajiv B.Lall

Investment Structure: Invests between $1 Mn and $7 Mn

Industries: Education

Startups Funded: Hippocampus Learning Centres, Qed | Everest Edusys And Solutions



Mumbai Based Matrix Partners was founded in 1977, and is committed to build long-term relationships. With capital over INR 3000 Cr., they invest across sectors in India.

People You Should Know: Avnish Bajaj

Investment Structure: Invests INR 1 Cr. to 75 Cr.

Industries: Internet, Consumer internet, eCommerce, Travel, Internet, Consumer Internet, eCommerce, Travel, etc.

Startups Funded: NewsHunt, Quikr India, LimeTray, Hearing Plus, Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), WeAreHolidays.

Contact: +91-22-67680000, Email


One of the oldest Venture Capital Firms focusing on early-stage to growth-stage investments in information technology companies, in particular on enterprise software, Internet consumer & media services, and communications.

People You Should Know:  Vikram Godse, Navin Chaddha and James Beck.

Investment Structure: In India, it invests between $500,000 to $10 Mn

Industries: Consumer Services, Infrastructure Ancillaries, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing Opportunities

Startups Funded: Gigya, Lantern, IndiaProperty

Contact:+(91)-9867577504, Email


It’s one of the most largest and most active Venture Capital Firms which helps entrepreneurs to build transformational businesses across multiple stages, sectors and geographies.

People You Should Know: Krishna Kittu Kolluri, Tarun Sharma

Investment Structure: The firm seeks to invest between $0.05 Mn and $20 Mn in  Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture, Private Equity, Debt Financing.

Industries: Energy, Infrastructure Services, Consumer Services, Agriculture Sector, Systems, Software, Technology

Startups Funded: IndiaHomes, Forter, Inksedge, Blueshift Labs

Contact: +91-22-4223 5600

NEWPATH VENTURES, LLC new path ventures

New Path Ventures, LLC is a venture capital firm which specializes in seed stage, startups, and early stage investments. They prefer to invest in technology based startups in India and US.

People You Should Know: Vinod K. Dham, Tushar Anil Dave, Mahesh Karanth.

Investment Structure: It does Early Stage Venture and Later Stage Venture Investments.

Industries: Semiconductors, Curated Web

Startups Funded: Telsima, inSilica, Montalvo Systems

Contact: Website

NIRVANA VENTURE ADVISORS nirvana venture partners

Nirvana Venture Advisors invests in early-­stage and market leading companies in the fast growing Indian internet and mobile segments.

People You Should Know: Amit Patni

Investment Structure: N/A

Industries: Internet and Mobile Fund, Large Markets,ecommerce, online travel, online advertising and marketing.

Startups Funded: KartRocket, Transerv, Reviews42

Contact: 91-22-6742-3800, Email


NVP is an India-centric multi-stage investment firm that has partnered with entrepreneurs to build great businesses for more than 50 years.

People You Should Know: N/A

Investment Structure: It invests $1Mn to $30 Mn in early stage and $15 Mn-$100 Mn in growth equity companies depending on the growth of the company.

Industries: Internet, telecommunications, financial services, and education sector.

Startups Funded: Indusind Bank, Komli, Fashionandyou.com.

Contact: 91 22 6150 1111

OJAS VENTURE PARTNERS ojas venture partners

India based Venture Capital Ojas Venture Partners believes that for young startups to become successful, it is imperative for them to have the guidance of experienced professionals with in depth understanding of the marketplace.

People You Should Know: Dr Rajesh Srivathsa

Investment Structure: Typically, make an initial investment of $ 250,000 to $ 1.5 Mn and follow that in subsequent rounds up to a maximum of US $ 3 Mn per company over the life of the company.

Industries:  Mobile Technology and Applications, telecom, wireless technologies, enterprise software, SaaS, Web Applications/Services, Consumer Internet

Startups Funded: Tyfone, Vizury, Mango Techno, RiverSilica, CBazaar.

Contact: +91 80 4061 0300

SEEDFUND seedfund

This venture capital fund recognized the need for an early stage investment ecosystem in India and hence, focuses on investing in Indian startups.

People You Should Know: Shailesh Vikram Singh

Investment Structure: The firm seeks to invest between INR 1 Cr. ($0.19 Mn) and INR 25 Cr. ($4.67 Mn) in each portfolio company.

Industries: Internet, Media, Mobile, Telecommunications, Retail, Technology, Consumer

Startup Funded: Chumbak, Browntape, Heckyl, AxisRooms, Voonik.com.

Contact:  (+91) 120 319 2958


It focuses on life sciences, clean technology, retailing, light engineering, food processing, information technology, infrastructure related services, healthcare, logistics and distribution, water and sanitation, agriculture, and education sectors.

Investment Structure: It invests between INR 5 Cr. to 25 Cr.

Industries: Ecommerce, SemiConductors.

Startups Funded: Printland, CircuitSutra Technologies, Skelta Software

Contact: 91 – 22 – 2652 7124 /25 /27 /28, Email

UNITUS SEED FUND unitus seed fund

Unitus Seed Fund is a seed stage venture fund based in Bangalore and Seattle which invests in developing markets with  primary focus on rural startups focusing on low income groups.

People You Should Know: Dave Richards, Will Poole

Investment Structure: It invests INR 50 Lakh to INR 1 Cr.

Industries: Education and Skilling, Healthcare, Mobile Commerce, Marketplaces and E-Commerce, Agriculture, Retail and Distribution, Water and Energy.

Startups Funded: Blowhorn, Addresshealth, mGaadi, Welcare, GoCoop, Medypal.

Contact: +91.80.4112.0008

UTTHISHTA uthishta

A firm that seed funds for software, web, mobile, and cloud computing based Indian Startups, and also claims to provide a unique experience for entrepreneurs.

People You Should Know: Mohsin Khan, P.Ramakrishna.

Investment Structure: The firm seeks to invest between $0.02 Mn and $0.03 Mn per startup in return of equity stake between 10% and 15 %.

Industries: Software, Technology, Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud Computing

Startups Funded: Vaava

Contact: Website


It’s an India based investment company which is involved in multi stage investing.They prefer to invest in early stage startups.

People You Should Know: Sarath Naru, Ramesh Alur

Investment Structure:The company prefers to invest in technology and technology-enabled sectors

Industries: Biotechnology, Healthcare Infrastructure, Microfinance, Agribusiness, Biogas, Pharma, Food, Retail, Life Science, Clean Technology, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services

Startups Funded: Little Eye Labs, Eyantra

Contact: +91 44 2432 9864 / +91 44 2432 9863, Mail


It is a INR 300 Cr. venture debt fund which is expected to be closed in next three to six months. It is also technically India’s first venture debt fund.

People You Should Know: Rahul Khanna, Nilesh Kothari

Investment Structure: The fund will invest between INR 5-15 Cr. for 16-18% borrowing cost, compounded annually in firms that have already raised a first or second round of funding.

Industries: Technology, Consumer, Internet Space

ORIOS VENTURE PARTNERS orios venture partners

It’s a INR 300 Cr. and a 7-year, high-risk high-return fund, which is typical in early-stage investing. Software product startups are one of the key themes that Orios will be investing in.

People You Should Know: Rehan Yar Khan

Investment Structure: It invests INR 1-20 Cr. in a startup and intends to stay invested for seven years or more.

Industries: Not restricted to any particular segment, analytics, Big Data, software for mobile phones etc.

Startups Funded: Sapience Analysis, Ziffi

Contact: Email

UNILAZER unilazer

It is a Mumbai based private equity and venture fund specialising in early stage and late stage investments

People You Should Know:  Ronnie Screwvala

Investment Structure: N/A

Industries: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Ecommerce

Startups Funded: Maroosh, PIFA FC, Ektstop

Contact: Twitter


Article Credit & Source from www.inc42.com

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